Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Knee Injury Update 3

Good morning V2s.

So - the knee still seems to be holding up well. I went back to running and have had a couple of very basic and slow 10 km runs. The barefoot running technique is definitely helping though my soleus muscles are very sore. Apparently this is normal with the transition over to barefoot running and I'm not taking it slowly with this transition. The usual advice is to phase in a run or two over the course of several weeks but I'm having to go straight in there.

I'm still using lots of alternative forms of training to complement the running and rehabilitate the knee. I had an excellent weight-training session on Monday which felt very "old-school" as I used to train a lot of weights five or six years ago, before I started running. It is fun having a varied training program.

I have had a couple of painful twinges so I am really looking forward to speaking with a specialist and finding out what is going on. Let's see how the week goes.

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