My name is Nate Bunting. I was born in Norwich, England in 1972. Since early adulthood I was always interested in the questions in life. I’ve always been creative. I think that I have been trying to express this in music, painting, computer arts and even film for a long time. The last 10 years I have been concentrating on personal development. I survived some lost years partying in London which I have been making up for since. I put on a lot of weight upon arriving in Norway in 1999. I hit 104 kilos which, for my height of 1.76 m was severely obese.
Time to change everything.
My life changed completely through running and strength training. I dropped weight steadily, ran my first marathon. I have since worked with my nutrition, studying as I tried different approaches. I found that an extremely low carbohydrate diet suits my bodily perfectly. 

I am a licensed personal trainer through SAFE education, yoga instructor, and burn for helping others with their goals.

ManV2 is a blog to gather my thoughts on what I learn in my research into the mind, the body and how humans can reach their full potential.