Saturday, March 16, 2013

About ManV2 - a reboot

It strikes me that I am going to define clearly my goals for what ManV2 is all about. As I mentioned in a previous post here ( I have registered and pointed the domain to this blog. I am still not sure as to whether this blog needs to be replaced with a full website. The reason is that ManV2 is going to be far more than what I defined back in 2009 when I wrote "ManV2 is a blog to gather my thoughts on what I learn in my research into the mind, the body and how humans can reach their full potential. " That is still a good goal for the blog itself. The point is that ManV2 is going to become something far more than a blog. I intend to make ManV2 a my main focus over the next few years and develop a toolkit for personal development. ManV2 would then become the portal. 

My short term aims are to start a virtual training company in a virtual world environment where people can get full online physical /mental-development coaching online. This is something that I know would be effective and popular as it is something that I would have used myself if it was already available. I intend to expand into physical centres when appropriate though that is further down the line because of the capital investment. ManV2 will develop tools which take advantage of technology like apps to complement their training and online monitoring of progress. In addition I want to create training podcasts that can be worn in the gym, out running and at home to take you through effective workouts. I will be providing a few free podcasts and introductory workouts and the rest will be either a standalone product or part of the overall ManV2 coaching package. These will be supplemented with video products at a later date. 

It is going to be an exciting time and a unique package. If you're interested in following what is happening then please follow the blog by using the "Sign Up" tool at the right hand side of the page. I'll be offering early followers with trials and beta tests of the products and packages. In addition you'll get to keep up with all the information, tips and tricks for personal development that I'll continue to post on the blog.

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