Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scared? Me?

As the marathon approaches I feel unsure. As unsure as last year? That is probably hard to quantify. Is it butterflies or genuine concern? That is the real question.
This site is about integrating the body and the mind. They feed each other and we grow. They reflect each other. The nervousness in my mind appears in my body as all manner of aches, ticks and stiffness. Weird knee? Three days ago. Stiff ankle? Last week. None of them are at all significant. I know this body nervousness like I remember an old bully from school. Hated and never forgotten.
I read somewhere (sorry I’ve forgotten where) that this is all part of the experience. It is typical to reach a self-doubt fuelled, twitchy excitement before the skyrocket high of the event. I think I felt that last year, but it is hard to remember. Incidentally, I really do think that adrenaline and endorphins pumping through our bodies destroy our memories. Honestly, it couldn’t be an age thing.
No running for the rest of the week now. It is going to be hard to rest up for that long but it will help me run race strongly. That is what I am going to make happen.
Yes. I am a bit scared.

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