Monday, September 27, 2010

Oslo marathon 2010

It is over. I ran a sub par 4:21 minutes. I had caught some kind of stomach virus and I woke the morning of the big day feeling nauseous and weak.

The race began really well but I felt the effort of maintaining a 5.15 pace. That had been easy during training but suddenly I felt muscles in my stomach twisting. I complained to my partner and father of an uncommon stitch in my stomach at the 21st but ran on. From then on I began throwing up over five times until kilometre 32. With each vomiting attack I was left dehydrated and weakened. My partner looked very concerned as I arrived with blood running from my nose. I explained this was. probably from the wrenching vomiting, but she looked skeptical as I ran on.

I crossed the finish line, weak but content. The ending of a big race is so relaxing. I am sitting here in a big recliner, drinking a cup of tea with no athletic goal for a while.
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  1. I was amazed what you wrote here with being sick and everything and you still pushed to the finished. Great job!

    Like, I was saying take it easy for a few weeks. Let your body rest.