Thursday, September 30, 2010

Autumn / Winter training plan for speed & strength. Want to join in?

The leaves are changing colour, I’ve finished the Oslo Marathon and I have no more races planned for the year. It is time to put together an autumn training plan which will  to move me forward. I’m going to share my plan over the next few posts – if you are looking for inspiration, and your goals fit with mine, nothing would make me happier than sharing it and getting feedback from you as we progress. I will even throw in following you up if you comment this or the following posts or write me an e-mail to

With this post I will explain my goals, a rough summary of what kind of training I have planned and my activities. In the next post I’ll explain any changes I have made to the plan after testing it for a week.

Goals autumn /winter 2010/11

1. I want to improve my race pace at marathon distance. I want to go from a 05:37 minutes per KM pace (10.7 KM per hour) to a 05:13 minutes per KM pace (11.5 km per hour) by June 2011.

2. I want to introduce effective interval training back into my workouts to supplement my endurance and hill running training.

3. I want to build upper body strength to stop the loss of muscle mass due to concentrating on running training by reintroducing resistance (strength) workouts, three times per week.

4. I want to increase flexibility and relaxation of my muscles through stretching or yoga workouts – once or twice a week.


1. / 2. introduce two interval sessions per week. 10 with a 2 KM warm up at 6 minute per KM pace. Then I shall run 1 KM at the new race pace, 1.5 KM at 6 min pace, 1 km new pace, 1.5 km 6 min pace, 1 km at new pace, 2 KM warm down at 6 min pace.

This shall increase to 16 KM total with 5 1 km intervals after three weeks.

This will supplement two 16 km restitution runs per week and one long run of 21 km – 35 km every week.

3. I shall train upper body: chest / shoulders, Biceps /triceps, core during three sessions per week. I will post this training plan as a follow-up post.

4. I shall train Ashtanga yoga for 1.5 hours, twice per week.



Every training will be logged – running via Garmin Connect, strength training via Google Docs.


Want to join in?

Let me know by mail or comment if you are interested in joining in and receiving free weekly follow-ups by e-mail.

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  1. This wasn't a bad idea as a training plan. I can't seem to remember how long I kept it up.