Saturday, August 21, 2010

European Road Trip & a dream.


August was holiday month. I usually wait until the craziness of July is over before taking a break as I enjoy the lull in activity in Bergen. I always reel-off the reason as being because things are quiet and I can get things done. The reality is the former, not the latter.

Well, it has been a long drive to get where to where I am today - Daiva Marina in Italy at a little camping site called Arenella. The journey began with a long cross-Norway drive from Bergen to Kristiansands to get the ferry over to Denmark. The drive is slow because of the extremely low speed-limits imposed in Norway. From there it was a drive due south through Germany to my father's house in southern France in a little village called Francillon-sur-Rubion where I was greeted by my brother and his family, my dad and his wife.

I had some mammoth driving sessions to get there in the allotted time (just three days!) with the last being a 16 hour session fuelled by my beloved Red Bull. I know it is not healthy in large qualities but it was driven by necessity - in a similar way to driving such long distances which I am also against in principle.

During the long hours my mind, as is usual, began to work overtime on a little dream that I have had for a while now.

I dream of running from south to north Norway as an inspirational way to get people realise how wonderful endurance running is for the mind and body, trying to get as much media coverage as possible for my effort. I realise this is a Herculean task but am convinced I can do it! I find I always come back from a holiday with a new project.

I've been wondering if it might be possible to get some kind of corporate sponsorship for it - I guess that is something that only time and a few well-placed e-mails will tell. The first stage will be to put together some kind of plan and a proposal. If anybody reading this has any kind of tips or advice I am very open to anything that may help. A quick Google shows that north to south is around 1500 kilometres, but that is, as you can imagine, as the crow flies. Heck-knows how far it is in reality. What about all of the mountains? What time of year will be best? Can I convince my job that this is a good advert for them? All this and more will have to be rolled around, questioned, broken down... We will see.

I feel like this is a dream, but I can make it real.

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