Thursday, March 25, 2010

“Running With Ghosts” Podcast short review.

I discovered this podcast through the fantastic, all-encompassing website run by Nigel from the Running from The Reaper podcast.

After listening to episode one I was struck with inspiration from this woman’s triumphs and self-knowledge. Her desire to improve in all elements of her life is something that resonated with me. As regular readers of this blog will know I am a self-improvement madman. Anything that I can do to improve any element of my life, I’ll do it. Just show me the hammer, diet, computer program, sports challenge, book, documentary, whatever – and I’ll bash it into shape. This amazingly cool lady is doing just that with every part of her life.

This more of a cozy chat with a good running buddy than a pure how-to of running. Not least her knowledge and experimentation with power nutrition types such as the Paleolithic , low carbohyrate and Atkins diets whilst running (a traditionally carbohydrate fuelled discipline) is very interesting for me personally as I am following a similar nutritional path.

I thoroughly recommend that you get this one stuck into your IPod as soon as you can. :)

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