Saturday, May 29, 2021

Relentlessly taking responsibility

Relentlessly taking responsibility for my thoughts, actions, situation, life, needs, habits, spirituality, physicality. In order to radically take ownership of this life, I must take responsibility for it. Even if another person or situation causes me some form of harm, my response is my responsibility. My choice. This is freedom. The freedom that can be experienced even in shackles. 
I think I have to constantly remind myself of it. I find it so easy to blame others, or the situation. There is this amazing screaming lyric from a hardcore band I listen to where the singer screams "the walls are in your mind". This cliché is rendered raw by the passion of the song. It makes me think that blame builds a mental wall,  constructed one brick at a time. A wall that is a barrier to the endless landscape of possibility. 

The band is Sweden’s Painted Wolves. If you like hardcore-punk, here is a link

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