Monday, February 12, 2018

Cleaning the clutter

Good afternoon.
Whilst looking through the draft posts in blogger today I found this one. It wasn't really a post, just a title: "cleaning the clutter". I have absolutely no idea as to what I was thinking about when I wrote that title, but it sounds catchy. I wonder if I was thinking about a spring cleaning bout at the time. It is impossible to tell as drafts aren't dated once you open them - which I just did.
However, this post that never was has made me think about my approach to cleaning. Not just physically cleaning, as in housework or tidying my desk. I love recycling. Even digital recycling. I am the kind of person who changes the name of an empty folder on their computer desktop before starting to fill it with files, rather than simply deleting it and making a new one when needed. Totally pointless. Perhaps in this case it is not completely pointless though, as I suddenly got the urge to fill in some of the gaps here and post about recycling as a form of creativity.
Recycling as inspiration :)
One of my recent obsessions was the quote "do what you can, with what you have, where you are" which, after a cursory internet search, seems to be attributed to Theodore Roosevelt. It isn't really that relevant to me whether it was Roosevelt, or Bugs Bunny - it works for me. I love the idea of making do. It appeals to the punk in me. One of the defining ethics of the punk movement was the idea of do-it-yourself. I felt that this was especially important to the later phases of punk, like my beloved "straight edge hardcore" punk. In fact, let us not get started on straight edge hardcore right now, as that is definitely going to be something that I will want to write about in the future as it too has had a massive effect on my psyche of late. Making do - doing it yourself - making something out of some old rubbish. My whole point here boils down to the fact that if I hadn't decided to recycle this post, I would have probably not written anything today. Just the fact that I decided to reuse the title has forced into being a load of words on a page. Granted, they may never be read - they're not even that exciting, but they are here in the world and it's because I took something which was rubbish and used it in a new way. Reinterpretation. I like this a lot . Reinterpretation of trash causes creativity. How about that?
Indeed. Right on Theodore.

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