Monday, June 9, 2014

A great circuit with some killer exercises.

Today I met up with three of my mates who are personal trainers to give ourselves a bit of a heavy workout.
The great thing with having personal trainer friends is that everybody wants to push the others and so it usually ends up being both a creative and a killer workout.
We did a circuit with eight exercises which I'm writing up here as much as anything as to remember for future workouts.

Main circuit - 2 rounds, 90 seconds work 20 second break.

1. Lunges with 22 KG on a barbell.
2. Side jumps over a step.
3. "Man makers" - Excellent exercise - see here:
4. Rowing with barbell
5. Sprint with weighted bags (10, 15 and 20 kg as a pyramid)
6. One arm plank, upper body on step.
7. One sided flies on the edge of a step so you work core.
8. 45 seconds biceps curl, 45 seconds skull crusher triceps.

Then came the killer - the finisher.

1. 90 second static squat
2. 90 second plank
3. 90 second burpees

2 rounds.

Safe to say - I'm pretty knackered, but it was a great workout.

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