Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I got a shocking bill - do not be a victim.

I delivered my girlfriend’s car in for service and was told there was a huge amount of work to be done on it to get it through the EU test.

This is a “luxury problem” - this is our second car. I’m thankful we’re so lucky. However, the reflex action is to fall into a “poor-me” frame of mind. Instead, because I’m kind of grateful for being in a position to have this luxury my mind was working on a kind of attack-mode instead. I started buzzing on all the things I have to do. Check with a used-car dealership on the worth of the car before and after the repair. Is this an opportunity to move over to an all-electric car because this will save her a huge amount on ferries and tolls (both are free for electric vehicles here and she uses them weekly with travelling to school), can I shop around for a better price for the repair?

I’m very glad my mind is working in attack-mode. Victim mode would make sloppy thinking.

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