Saturday, March 9, 2013

Knee injury - update 2.

Good morning V2s!

Just a minor update - recently I eschewed the treadmill and ran my first outdoor 10 km since my injury reared it's ugly head. One of the worst things about an injury like this is the mental repercussions of not being able to rely on your own body. When I was leaving my apartment to hit the pavement I had the most irritating internal dialogue spinning around inside my mind. It began with simple concern about being stranded half-way into my run because of a sudden flare up of the injury. The run went well but then a new dialogue began. This was around the theme of the marathon on April 27th.

A picture of the Bergen City Marathon in Norway on the 27th of April 2013.
Bergen City Marathon 27th April
As I mentioned in the previous posts on my injury, I have decided to not worry about running the marathon because I don't want to push the recovery from this injury to a point of wrecking the rehabilitation. As you can imagine, with the progress that I feel I've achieved over the last four days I'm now considering that by using barefoot Vibram shoes and careful planning I could run it. I then had to remind myself that a setback can occur at anytime. It is really tough because on the one side I want to be as optimistic as possible whilst on the other I don't want to damage my rehabilitation through lack of caution. When it comes down to it, it's all a delicate balance isn't it? And, as any regular reader of ManV2 will have realised by now - balance is not one of my strong points.


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