Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 29 / back from holidays.

The first week back at work was not very productive. July is what the Norwegians call “felles ferie” in Bergen which is the traditional month where the entire country goes on holiday. I have to admit that I sometimes find it hard to motivate myself at work when there is very little happening around me. That is quite odd because at the same time I am able to continually motivate myself in other areas of my life, even through slack or quieter periods. I suppose this means that I have it in me to do the same at work but I just can’t gain traction. I wonder if it is too much to expect to be able to motivate myself in every area of my life? This shouldn’t be the case as activity begets activity doesn’t it?

The week went really well in regards to training. This is week one marathon training for the Oslo Marathon 2011 on the 27th of September. I will be adding an overview of my training methods for this year’s race so won’t go into them too much here but variation is the keyword this year. So I ran a couple of 10 KM free runs, a short hill running session, five yasso 800s and a 21 KM long run. I didn’t get any core or resistance training in this week.

I had a lot of late nights. I really have to change that. I had some fun at my band’s rehearsal on Wednesday, practiced guitar every day and managed some self-study on nutrition.

Norway was struck by a mass-murderer who blew up offices of a political party and killed many children. The death toll has risen to 91 people. This is going to change the country in so many ways, but at the moment people are just trying to deal with it. I was at a dinner party on Saturday and that was the only topic of conversation. Life and death tend to put everything else in perspective but, the recent terrorist action in London and Sweden has left me a little numbed to the shock.

A week which is best described as a transition.

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