Monday, September 6, 2010

Vblog #3


In this video log I admit to something I did which was irresponsible and explain my reasons for trying it. Sometimes, however structured my training is at the time, I suddenly get the urge to shake things up a little. I push a little too long, run a little too often, take a break, take a spinning class or go cycling. This time I did something way out of the ordinary and with an element of risk.

It is now roughly three weeks until I toe the line again in Oslo for the marathon.

My training plan this year has been very different. Different as this year I feel I have been training for 11 months. The time since my last Oslo race. I have turned it over and over in my mind, experimented with new training methods like interval hill runs, running every day, running every other day, varied tempos and distances, run in ankle deep snow, run with studs, run barefoot and at a running track.

This year has been one of experimentation so it seems fitting that even the race should be experimental. It will be very different next year where I may start weight training, swimming, yoga and cycling to try to build my overall form for running. It will be, as it was last year, a transition into something new. A new year for a new approach to training. I alternate daily between excitement and a feeling of loss, as I do at the end of anything. I think the excitement will build and push away the feeling of loss as I get to the other side.

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