Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Band of heroes

I have suffered from choosing the wrong role models in my life. I take full responsibility for that. After all, it is not their fault. If I look back I can see that I chose self-destructive, cool, bohemian pained types. Burning bright, creative but on a road to destruction.

I have not abandoned any of these anti-heroes as I have side-stepped from a doomed road to oblivion - I still love my punk singers, drug fueled writers and cracked actors, but they are there in the back of my mind like reminders of who I was. I have no regrets and they share my mind now with athletes, masters and conscientious political rebels.

Now, some of my heroes have also grown, changed, but in my mind they remain frozen in time, representing the vast distance between what I was then and now.

No regrets, as what I was has made me what I am. I am keeping my old heroes, but maybe Prefontaine is in there trying to persuade Sid Viscous to go for a run tomorrow over a beer.
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