Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The road to Oslo Marathon 2010

I am starting my training for the Oslo marathon 2010 now. Oslo is important to me as it is where I cut my teeth as a marathon runner. It seems that if you ask any marathon runner about their first race they will wistfully begin to wax lyrical on the first time that they laced up and toed the line. You will be dazzled by a rambling diatribe punctuated with tales of the atmosphere, the wall, the feeling of crossing the line. This is the stuff big life changes are made of.

I had a very simple goal with my first marathon – survive. This time around with a few races under my belt I have a much more specific one – try to come in under three hours and thirty minutes. I managed 3:57 the first time. Shaving half an hour off of my time is not going to be an easy task. My strategy is to run 16 KM twice a week at a given tempo, hill intervals once a week and a long run building to around 35 km two weeks before the marathon and then a rapid tapering. On my rest days I will be working in the gym on core and possibly some leg strength work. If I get tired or at all injured during the process I will switch to cross-training with cycling.

I’ll post regularly with how it’s going.

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