Monday, March 22, 2010

Some useful links on giving up coffee

I've decided that as part of my general detox, I would like to experiment with giving up coffee.
I am a heavy coffee drinker and, in essence, that is the only "unhealthy" habit I have in my life - I don't touch alcohol, drugs or smoke. I realise that there are some benefits to coffee drinking, however, I feel the time is right for me to begin cutting down with the goal of quitting - I hate the idea of being a slave to anything (or anyone ;) ).

Firstly - name your fear and get to know your enemy  here ;) a comprehensive information on the nature of the beast:

I'll post how it is going over time: today is the first stage - cutting my habit from 6 - 8 cups a day down to 2 -3.

Here is a very sensible article from eHow on giving it up.

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