Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cutting out caffeine - Day 7

I am still feeling the withdrawal symptoms but these are offset by really clear thought processes, ability to concentrate and I awaken in the mornings quickly. Two annoyances have been an extra need to sleepand the worst of the two - muscle soreness! Because of my high level of training these aches are thrown into stark relief. It's almost as if the tendons and muscles have lost their flexibility in my legs and lower back. I've been compensating for this with a few yoga sessions every second or third morning before work which really seems to be helping.

There is a lot of disagreement out there on how long I will experience the withdrawal symptoms, most commonly stated two weeks. That is what I am holding onto as the time I believe I will have to get through these problems before beginning to reap the full rewards.

I found another useful article which, although not adding to the plethora of techniques and tips I have gathered does have an inspiring list of advantages to quitting.

Mmm! Espresso. No NO!

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