Saturday, October 31, 2009

AM eternal – thoughts from getting up…

I had a couple of clarity moments this morning – one was about how important it is to work with my form in everything I do and stop sweating about the result. Easier said than done because I am a goal setting addict. I realised that by observing the way that my motivation dipped after achieving the life goal of the marathon. Focusing on form is about constantly observing, assessing and most importantly, enjoying, the honing of my art. Recently I’ve been applying that to running but it can be applied to my music making, the art of my day job as a consultant or the art of the relationships around me – anything. I realise I’m not going to be able to stop my goal orientated lifestyle overnight, but the trick is to temper it – balance it with focusing on form.

An example from running is how I ran today without any idea of how long I wanted to, or would run for. Instead I was just thinking about trying to adjust my lean and supporting body with my core using stomach muscle locks. The run became a game – I spent the whole time wrestling my mind away from the minutiae of my thoughts to the simple, vital focus on these two simple exercises. It was fantastic.

Form assessing and improvement is the development of one’s arts in it’s purest forms.



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