Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mysteryn11 “> Human” Introduction.

My name is Nathan Bunting, but my hacker-alias or online presence name is “Mysteryn11” – It has been since the 80s. At this time online meant Compunet – the Commodore 64 bulletin board hosted and run by Commodore. I, and thousands of other hackers and software swappers logged on to download the latest and greatest demos and software and chat.

I live half of my life in computers – whether that be my day job as an IT consultant, or my Second Life (where I own and run the island of “Sunnydale SL” under the name “Mysteryn11 Vollmar.” I try to make sure that it doesn’t bleed over into being more than half of my life, not always successfully. I’ll be posting lots of information about IT, technology and multi-media here.

I see myself as a multi-media artist and businessman – I have several other interests: I’ve been making music since I was 12, starting first with guitars, 4-track tapes and playing in bands, graduating through keyboards into electronic music after a misspent youth spent in the raves of the 90s. My current music project is “Fuzziological” and I’m looking forward to sharing what is going on with that project here.

In addition, my other big interest is training – I love to sweat at the gym and after years of abusing my body during the hedonistic years of partying, enjoy repairing and regenerating it with daily stints out running or pumping weights at my gym. I may decide to post some information about training and health here, but I intend that to be the least posted for this site.

I’m looking forward to having a central place where I can blog on all of the different elements of my life and maybe it may be of interest for some others out there in the big, wide, virtual world we call the internet.


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